Lubna in Garden

Pada suatu hari aku jalan-jalan…Ke sebuah taman bunga..
begitu banyak macam bunga…
ada yang merah dan ada yang putih.
hatiku senang berjalan-jalan..
bareng abie dan umie…

itu lagu yang aku karang buat lubna, anakku…sederhana banget tapi mudah-mudahan dapat menambah kosa kata yang dimengerti Lubna…

It’s Lubna in Garden


I have bought a book titled Pure Wisdom. it tells about right attitude and right understandings. One of them is understanding of happiness. sometimes, when we get something we want, we feel happy, but when we don’t get what we want, we feel sad. happiness and sadness can’t be determined by that. we need to receive all happening in our life. we need to be thankful for our life.
there is statement saying that the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
this is great lesson for me and I want to implement it…

Steamed Rainbow Cake

6 butir telur
250 gram terigu
1 sendok makan pengembang kue (SP)
200 ml santan kental
300 gram gula pasir
2 sendok makan susu bubuk
3 sendok makan susu kental manis
50 ml minyak sayur
Pasta pewarna (kita asumsikan 3 warna ajah yang kita pakai yah)


Setelah semua bahan dikumpulkan, let’s make the cake!

1. Sediakan Loyang. Lapisi Loyang dengan mentega kemudian dilapisi dengan kertas roti. Setelah itu, lapisi kembali dengan mentega.
2. Masukkan gula pasir, telur, dan SP ke dalam satu wadah. Kemudian, kocok dengan mixer, sampai adonan kental dan mengembang.
3. Masukkan terigu dan susu bubuk sedikit-sedikit ke dalam adonan yang tadi. Aduk sampai merata.
4. Masukkan santan, minyak sayur, dan susu kental manis. Aduk lagi sampai merata.
5. Matikan mixer.
6. Bagi rata adonan menjadi tiga bagian, dan masing-masing bagian diberikan warna yang berbeda.
7. Sediakan kukusan dan panaskan. Tutup panci dilapisi dengan serbet supaya uap tidak akan berjatuhan ke permukaan kue.
8. Adonan pertama dimasukkan ke Loyang dan kukus sampai 10 menit. Setelah itu, masukkan adonan kedua. Setelah 10 menit, masukkan adonan ketiga dan kukus selama 20 menit atau sampai matang.

That’s it. Have nice try!

There will never come a day
you’ll ever hear me say
that I want and need to be without you.
I want to give my all.
Baby, just hold me.
Simply control me.
‘Cuz your arms, they keep away the loneliness.

When I look into your eyes
then I realize
that all I need is you in my life.
All I need is you in my life.
‘Cuz I’ve never felt this way about lovin’.
Never felt so good.
Never felt this way about lovin’
It feels so good.
How it takes my breath,
starts a pounding in my chest,
makes me weak, when I think about you.
Makes me wanna give my all,
Life wouldn’t mean a thing.
Not a happy song to sing,
just emptiness if I had to live without you.
[repeat chorus]

‘Cuz I’ve never felt this way about lovin’, darlin’
Never felt so good.
Never felt this way about lovin’
It feels so good…


Hasrati aku …

Hingga menjadi hasrat yang tak tertahankan…

I saw my father’s book collection on the shelf. My father loves them very much. He said, “They have high value”. I didn’t understand what he said, but now I agree with him. This thought inspires me to collect some classic books. They are very old, but believe it that we are like open wide horizon when we read those books.  For a collector, you will try to search and find those classic books especially the famous ones. This is adventure you can get once we search and find them, right?

I see there are many sites such as www.boekoekoeno.wordpress.com that provides some classic books. This site has “three essays on population”. Wow, one of the writers is Malthus! It is also rich of historical, biography and religious classic books. Many great men’s stories can be found here. That is great that we can know all of about them, isn’t that?

I believe that we could pick much important knowledge, wisdom and philosophy from classic books. It has high value because we grab ocean of knowledge. Let’s read books no matter the age of the book. Get reading be our culture and we are having alternative to read through classic books.

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